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How To Create A Tech Blog

Blogging is one of my favorite hobbies. In this post I want to share some info about how I built up my blog. Hopefully this will be helpful to other bloggers, but I am also looking for feedback and suggestions for improvement.

NgUpgrade with the Angular router and ui-router

In the following post I will show how to combine the Angular router with ui-router in an Ng-Upgrade application.

Closure Compiler and Types

In this post I will show to take advantage of the Closure Compiler's comprehensive typings annotations.

Combining ES2015 modules and CommonJS modules using the Closure Compiler

In this post I will show how to combine ES2015 and CommonJS modules in the same bundle using the Closure Compiler.

Migrating my Angular demo to use the Closure compiler

Now that the Closure compiler is closer to becoming a viable option in Angular, I have decided to start migrating my Angular demo components to use it. I will give you updates on my progress as I continue to work on the migration.

Angular application bundles

In this post I will discuss different ways to generate Angular application bundles. I will show examples using Rollup, Webpack and the Closure compiler (ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATION).


In the following post I will compare immediately-invoked function expressions (IIFE) to Universal Module Definition (UMD) bundles.

Tree Shaking ES2015 modules

In this post I will show that putting entities in the same file does not impact Tree Shaking.

Size of Angular applications

In this post I will examine how Angular applications grow in size when moving beyond the “Hello World” baseline example.

Server-side Svelte

In the following post I will show how to make use of server-side rendering in Svelte.