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Bazel and Remote Caching

Lately I have spent some time playing with remote caching of Bazel build artifacts. I am still exploring this, but here is a quick summary of what I’ve learned so far.

Bazel with Angular, Node and Java

In a previous post I showed how build an Angular app and a Node api with Bazel. In this post I will take this a step further by throwing a Java Api into the mix.

Building Angular and Node with Bazel

In the following post I will show an example where I use Bazel to build an Angular application and a nodejs api.

Using TypeScript With NodeJs

Lately I have started to combine Typescript more and more with nodejs coding. In this post I will show how to incorporate Typescript into a nodemon based workflow.

Angular Server Side Templates in Express

In this post I will show how to use Angular to render server side templates.

Angular Lazy Loading with Bazel and Rollup

Here is an early prototype of an Angular application with lazy loading, built using Bazel and Rollup.

Lazy Loading With Rollup

Rollup is currently working on support for code splitting. In this post I will use this new, experimental, feature to bundle a mid size Angular application.

Comparing Angular Bundlers

In this post I will evaluate the most common Angular bundlers to see how they compare in terms of bundle size.

Webpack vs ParcelJS

In my demo project I have examples of how to bundle Angular applications with pretty much any bundler under the sun. Today I added Parcel to the collection. Let’s see how it compares to one of my existing Webpack configurations.

Bundle Angular ESM2015 With Rollup

Today I will test if there is a noticeable change in Angular bundle size from using ESM2015 bundles vs ESM5 bundles when using Rollup.