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Remote Build Execution with Bazel and Svelte

This post is a quick write-up of a poc on remote Bazel builds of Svelte code.

Svelte Bazel Build

This post is a writeup of a POC I did with Bazel and Svelte. The Bazel rules are still considered experimental, but I have a working Bazel build with Svelte compilation, Sass compilation and Rollup bundling.

Server-side Svelte

In the following post I will show how to make use of server-side rendering in Svelte.

Optimizing applications using Svelte

I believe build-time compilers will play a much more important role in JavaScript development in the coming years. I this post I will show how I reduced the payload size of my blog commenting feature from over 100k to 4.7k by switching to the compiler based framework Svelte.

Using Svelte with

In this article I will show how to create a simple chat application using Svelte and

Creating a Treeview in Svelte

In the following post I will show how to create a treeview using Svelte. I will also compile the treeview with the closure compiler (ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATION).